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Meet The Sporting Hearts Committee

Eugene Hamill

073Eugene Hamill has lived and travelled extensively throughout Yugoslavia during the 1990’s as a peripatetic and was living in Belgrade during the NATO bombing campaign in 1999. After returning to live in Dungannon in late 1999, he began to get involved with charity work that eventually lead to the founding of Sporting Hearts.

Estelle Hamill

Estelle has over twenty years fundraising experience, raising money for numerous charities. For over ten years now she has been organising and coordinating various events for Sporting Hearts. Estelle has been to Belgrade and met with some of the children involved in Sporting Hearts programmes and has been hands on with outings/projects while there.

Jelena Bojic (Serbian correspondent)

Jelena Bojic lives in Belgrade(Serbia) and she works directly with the children involved in Sporting Hearts programmes. She has worked with hundreds of refugee children over the past fourteen years. Her determination in a better future for these children is remarkable.

Davy Beattie

Davy Beattie is a well known charity volunteer with over twenty years dedication to many local and national causes. Davy has been volunteering with Sporting Hearts for the past ten years and is an inspiration to all with his hands on give it a go irrepressible character.

Adrian O’Neill

Adrian O’Neill with over twenty years experience in coordinating event logistics has been volunteering with Sporting Hearts for over ten years now. A dedicated and invaluable team member to the Sporting Hearts Committee