Testimonie From Jasmina:
"Sporting Hearts has provided me with huge support, motivation and way better schooling conditions, thus enabling me so much better life. I would like to thank you for the trust you have in me, and your efforts and care."
  1. The Poetry Bubble

    Poetry BubbleThe poetry bubble is a cross community written poetry platform where people from all sections of the society in the Dungannon/ Mid Ulster area can express and give voice to their experiences during the Covid lockdown.  The Poetry Bubble is open to people from all age groups, gender, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Participants in the project will be invited to submit their written work along with a short bio. Not all poems will be chosen for publication.  We intend to produce a special limited edition hard back book which will be presented to the lead communities/ Community centres/ schools/ clubs taking part. The poems will be complemented by a selection of photographs taken by our events photographer  reflecting the societal effects/ changes resulting from lockdown and the effect it has had on our communities. This project will be a unique written and photographic social record of all communities living within Dungannon during lockdown 2021





    Entry Form



    Age DOB (Optional)


    Address or Electoral Ward


    Community Group/ School (If applicable)


    Title of Poem/Writing


    Short Bio (Optional)


    Return all written works to info@sportinghearts.org  5th March 2021

    I understand that the work/s I have submitted are my own original writings. I understand that not all submissions may be published. I accept the moderator’s decision as final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding this. I understand that no works/poems will be returned.



    To download the form follow the link below.

    The Poetry Bubble Entry Form

  2. Cycle Serbia 2021

    Cycle Serbia A 2021K Cycle

      July 2021

    IMG_3126 (2)

    During July 2021 Eugene Hamill will attempt to cycle 2021k to raise funds for ‘Sporting Hearts’ the children’s charity he founded back in 2004 after witnessing first hand the effect the Balkan wars had on children and the elderly in the former Yugoslavia.  The cycle will start and finish in the Serbian Capital Belgrade and will visit some of  Serbia’s natural treasures, historic cities and enchanted castles.  There is no fixed route or times, just miles and miles of open road and the rise and fall of the summer sun to measures the passing days. If you would like to give Eugene your support you can do so by clicking the donate button below, or you can join the cycle challenge yourself. All you have to do is start you own ‘Sporting Hearts’ fundraising page at Virgin Money Giving.Com , hop on a bike and do your best to cycle 2021k wherever you are during the month of July 2021.                   




  3. Dungannon Truck Run 2021

    Dungannon Truck Run 2021

    Dungannon Truck Run is back again.

    Date: 27th June 2021 (In accordance with government covid guidelines)



    Date:Sunday 27th June 2021 (In accordance with government covid guidelines) 
    Gates open: 9.30am
    Truck Run Rolls: 1.30pm
    Location: Dungannon Mart (Granville) BT70 1NJ

    Back again for 2021! Sporting Hearts most popular event is in it’s 17th year!

    (Start/Finish: Granville Mart, Dungannon)
    – All participants must be fully insured and carry an appropriate licence.
    – All participants must follow the rules of the road.
    – Please follow instructions of Truck Run/Sporting Hearts Marshall’s.
    – Marshall’s do not stop traffic.
    – No speeding or overtaking please.
    – Please leave a space between you and the vehicle in front of you to allow other road user’s the freedom of the road.
    – Please show due care and attention at all times to other participants and road user’s.
    – Please have a safe and enjoyable day and enjoy the craic!