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Poetry BubbleThe poetry bubble is a cross community written poetry platform where people from all sections of the society in the Dungannon/ Mid Ulster area can express and give voice to their experiences during the Covid lockdown.  The Poetry Bubble is open to people from all age groups, gender, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Participants in the project will be invited to submit their written work along with a short bio. Not all poems will be chosen for publication.  We intend to produce a special limited edition hard back book which will be presented to the lead communities/ Community centres/ schools/ clubs taking part. The poems will be complemented by a selection of photographs taken by our events photographer  reflecting the societal effects/ changes resulting from lockdown and the effect it has had on our communities. This project will be a unique written and photographic social record of all communities living within Dungannon during lockdown 2021





Entry Form



Age DOB (Optional)


Address or Electoral Ward


Community Group/ School (If applicable)


Title of Poem/Writing


Short Bio (Optional)


Return all written works to info@sportinghearts.org  5th March 2021

I understand that the work/s I have submitted are my own original writings. I understand that not all submissions may be published. I accept the moderator’s decision as final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding this. I understand that no works/poems will be returned.



To download the form follow the link below.

The Poetry Bubble Entry Form

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